picture Danelle's Portfolio
Light Box
LightBox webpage

Light Room is a simple page in which HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript were used to create a slideshow. Just click on one of the thumbnails to bring the slideshow into view. The first two assets were created in illustrator and the photograph was taken with my Nikon D5600 camera and edited in lightroom and photoshop. There are many uses for this template; welcome page, an events page, as a photo gallery for an artist, or a portfolio page. The versatility of such a page would make it appropriate for just about any business.

Weather Application
weatherApp webpage

The weather application was created using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and JSON. The goal of this project was to create a working and efficient application that will tell you the date, time, and different weather properties. All assets were created by me using both Illustrator and the PiskelApp website. The outcome of this project is a functioning weather application that can be used as a nice add on to give your customers an interactive experience.

Electric Dreams
ElectricDreams webpage

The goal in the project Electric Dreams was to make the computer talk. Through the use of HTLM5, CSS3, and JavaScript, I was able to create an interactive communication between the user and their equipment. The robot was created in Piskel to give the illusion that the user is talking to their computer. It would be a fun add on to any website and could enhance the user experience by adding an interactive component to any welcome page.

Everything Gluten Free
Restaurant Website

This project was created using basic HTML5 and CSS3 for my web1 final. The main inspiration for this site is the fact that my family and I all have gluten allergies, and it is tough to find a restaurant that offers delicious and safe gluten-free food. This site shows how, with even basic HTML and CSS skills, people can make an eye-catching website and how much my skills have advanced.